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Hitting Fear Head On

Hitting Fear Head On uniquely illustrates how fear caused a lifetime of heartbreak. Years of feeling trapped while her father drove drunk imprinted fear upon Laurie's heart. These childhood traumas taught her to build her life on a foundation of fear. After years of infertility and miscarriages, Laurie and her husband, Biff, were finally blessed with a beautiful son, Preston. Unfortunately, he died in a horrible car wreck, caused by a drunk driver. Five people were killed. Laurie and Biff barely survived.

Laurie Boggs

Learning Lessons to be
Light, Love & Free

Seeking the courage to cope with Preston’s death and her recovery, Laurie began her quest to find answers. Through her incredible journey led by lessons from
Preston’s heart, pain was replaced by truth. Laurie learned how to unchain herself from fear. Laurie brings to her book multiple perspectives: an adult child of alcoholics, a survivor of a drunk driving crash, a legislative reformer, and a grieving parent. Hitting Fear Head On! communicates her message of faith, courage, and joy. Laurie’s hope is for those who seek to be free from the destruction of fear are empowered by her story.

© Copyright 2008, Laurie Boggs

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