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“Laurie Boggs has been wounded by the darkness and redeemed by the light. What she has been through, and what she learned, is a message of inspiration and hope for everyone. She turned tragedy into its opposite -- not just for herself, but for anyone who reads her story." Marianne Williamson, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author – see more Endorsements

Hitting Fear Head On

Hiiting Fear Head On

A parent has no greater fear than the loss of a child.

  • What if you knew with chilling certainty that your child was going to die, but did not know exactly how or when?

  • What if you survived the accident that killed your child?

These questions come to life on these pages.

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Laurie inspired me to use tragedy as a learning experience, as she has. Her healing energy helped me to “own” my situation, rather than view myself as a “victim of circumstance.” My children and I are beyond thankful to have met Laurie, as it is through her wisdom, strength, and knowledge that we were able to move forward.

–Nikki Lee

18 Steps to Transforming Grief

18 Steps to Overcoming Frief
Discover the Language of the Heart, re-establish your bond with your lost loved one, and be empowered by your loss:

  • Learn to listen to your lost loved one and release guilt, shame, and anger.

  • Find your lost loved one in the most unlikely places.

  • Have confidence that you can get to the other side of grief and turn it into joy!

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